Sampi Music House (formerly DNA Music House) was founded by Dimitris N. Angelidis in 2008 in Peristeri, Athens. It started as a home studio but quickly became a well-respected, fully equipped music studio in Kallithea.

A number of well-known artists have recorded and produced their songs at Sampi Music House, including: Nikiforos, REC, G. Margaritis, Lena Alkaiou, K. Kellekidou, L. Yorkas, K. Garbi, A. Iliadi, D. Sxoinas etc.

In 2017 Sampi Music House expanded their activities into media, beginning a new project called Sampi Media. The services provided by Sampi Media cover the whole media spectrum, including:

Music Production: We provide a unique experience in studio recording. Our skills cover songwriting, music production and audio mixing to radio ready broadcast quality.

Podcast Production: We offer guidelines and sound tips for the best recording possible regardless of the available room and equipment, synchronize and edit recordings from multiple hosts, remove any unnecessary and awkward pauses maintaining the rhythm of the conversation, compose branded Intros and Outros.

Radio Imaging: We create sound and music for advertising and branding, we produce station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and TV stations and offer audio post production, recording and editing facilities.

Music Supervision: Experienced music supervision for film and television. Underscore, sound design, song selection and placement. Our recent work includes Mprousko, Didyma Feggaria and Tatouaz TV series in ALPHA and ANT1 TV.

Scoring Services: With over ten years of film scoring experience, we deliver quality music scores for all forms of media  in a variety of formats including documentaries, short films, feature films and commercials.

Foley Art: We offer foley which complement or replace sound recorded on set with new sound elements recorded in a more controlled environment.

ADR: We offer ADR services, the process by which dialogue recorded on-set is replaced after the event in more controlled studio conditions. 

YouTube Production: We help produce YouTube Videos, providing advice on content, sound & image

Audiobook Production: We offer a bespoke Audiobook production service to authors and those who wish to publish audio versions of their books on sites such as Audible, iTunes, Amazon etc.

Studio Address: N. Zervou 41, Kallithea, Athens, Greece   |   T. (+30) 211 4082344   |   info@sampimedia.com   |   Google Maps Directions